Supply Chain Valley

Supply Chain Valley is a collaboration of companies, knowledge institutions, and public authorities in the North Limburg region and Euroregion, which work closely on projects in the areas of sustainability, the labour market, energy transition, digitalisation, innovation, infrastructure and mobility. The overall guiding strategy is always the same: we can tackle certain themes more effectively together than alone!

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About Supply Chain Valley

Supply Chain Valley (SCV) is a collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutions, public authorities and the environment: the ‘Quattro Helix’. This is a Euroregional initiative aimed at companies involved in the manufacturing industry and agro-food and logistics sectors located in the North Limburg region and Kreis Viersen district. Supply Chain Valley, which is organised, funded and managed by the business community, is located in the heart of Venlo, strengthening the region as a supply chain and logistics hub for Northern Europe. The supply chain connects the logistics and agro-food sectors and manufacturing industry within the region. All relevant organisations working in supply chain management, logistics and mobility collaborate as part of Supply Chain Valley, leaving plenty of room for their own activities. Collaboration makes us stronger in terms of thinking and implementation capacity.

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Building blocks

These are the cornerstones, or the building blocks, on which Supply Chain Valley is founded. Social issues that we currently face are addressed by these 11 building blocks. Through the Supply Chain Valley collaboration, these major social themes can be tackled based on a joint vision and approach. Read more about the Supply Chain Valley Building Blocks.


Focuses on bringing about improvements in the Food Supply Chain through crossovers with logistics and the manufacturing industry.

Collaboration of Public Authorities and Governments

Concludes working arrangements with local, regional, national and European governments based on relevant themes.

Collaboration with Knowledge Institutions

Represents the educational institutions and seeks to foster effective cooperation between education and the business community.

Infrastructure & Modal Shift

Focuses on mobilising and motivating companies to innovate in infrastructure and contribute to the modal shift.

Innovation & Digitalisation

Contributes to increasing the innovative strengths of businesses that form part of Supply Chain Valley.

International Collaboration

Concentrates on developing international collaboration with trading partner Germany.

Labour Market & Human Capital

Bridges the gap between businesses in the region, public authorities and knowledge institutions.

Programme Management Innovation Hub

Operates the physical location where all Supply Chain Valley activities and events take place.

Region Branding & Marketing

Is responsible for branding and building the ‘Supply Chain Valley’ brand.


Champions sustainability within Supply Chain Valley.

Young Professionals

Focuses on the recruitment, retention and development of Young Professionals in the region.

Join us?

Sharing means multiplying! Both in terms of knowledge and innovation, as well as collaboration. The Supply Chain Valley collaboration is happy to tackle relevant, broader themes together, such as the labour market & human capital, sustainability & the energy transition, digitalisation and region branding. Strong partners who want to help find solutions for these themes, thereby strengthening Supply Chain Valley’s position, are more than welcome to join us.


Supply Chain Valley addresses relevant themes based on a collaborative perspective. Not only in terms of economic development, but also in the areas of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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