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As a company, join Supply Chain Valley and experience the power of collaboration and value creation.

Companies work together actively and purposefully to strengthen each other

Supply Chain processes are optimised through innovation that transcends borders and sectors

Participants in the Quattro Helix contribute to value creation at Supply Chain Valley in order to produce maximum effects

Why become a member?

The more companies that join, the stronger Supply Chain Valley becomes. Themes that concern all companies are approached and tackled from a joint and collaborative vantage point. Why would each company search for solutions independently with regard to sustainability, innovation, digitalisation and supply chain improvement if that can also be done in dialogue and collaboration with other companies, the government, educational institutions and the environment? The power of Supply Chain Valley stems from the intention and motivation to work together towards a better future, for Supply Chain Valley, for the Netherlands and for the world.

Companies that join actively contribute and therefore benefit from the shared findings and solutions that stem from Supply Chain Valley. With the Innovation Hub as a Centre of Excellence, where the strengths of the parties within the Quattro Helix can be combined, a strong operating base has been created. Innovations or relevant investigations are shared from this hub, and all companies can utilise those findings. Together, we strengthen Supply Chain Valley!

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