Programme Management Innovation Hub building block

The ‘Programme Management Innovation Hub’ building block is about everything that takes place in the Innovation Hub, the ‘Centre of Excellence’ at Supply Chain Valley. The Innovation Hub is a physical location at Supply Chain Valley where everything comes together. Innovation, knowledge sharing, project management, but above all also hospitality and dynamism. Stimulating and bringing together innovation, knowledge development, knowledge sharing and collaboration is one of the main aims of this building block. 

The Innovation Hub symbolises the logistics and supply chain activities in North Limburg and the Kreis Viersen district. This is where all events take place that reinforce the mission and values of Supply Chain Valley. It is a place where the quattro helix knowledge sharing and collaboration can be expressed in full. A place where training events, conferences and conventions can take place, but also an inspirational base where young people can be challenged and where workspaces with a wow factor can be created. Visitors to the Innovation Hub will be astonished by the amazing industriousness in green surroundings.  

Quote Harro Schroeder, chairperson “Programme Management Innovation Hub”

“The Innovation Hub will be the place where all Supply Chain Valley’s qualities, talents and strengths merge. An inspirational gathering point of huge value!”