Collaboration with Knowledge Institutions

The ‘Collaboration with knowledge institutions’ building block represents the educational institutions and seeks to foster effective cooperation between education and the business community, based on work agreements and by offering plenty of properly supervised internship placements. An important aim of this building block is to train and, above all, retain qualified personnel for logistics, and the supply chain within the agro-food sector and manufacturing industry in the Supply Chain Valley region. In addition, the building block seeks to connect with higher education and scientific education in order to raise the knowledge and innovative strength at Supply Chain Valley to the required standard and to maintain that level. This is achieved by working together on research and projects.

Education is of significant importance to the business community. Both now and in the future, we need appropriately trained personnel. The building block aims to connect companies with training, to ensure that appropriately trained people end up in the right place. Research by higher professional education institutions and universities can lead to innovations and improvements in, for example, ICT and technology. It is also important to retain personnel for the region and, where possible, to be able to offer refresher training to workers from other sectors. We believe that all of this is possible with strong collaboration between education and the business community.

Quote Hans Aarts, chairperson of the ‘Collaboration with Knowledge Institutions’ building block

“Vocational education is ineffective without good cooperation with the professional field! Gather and share knowledge.”