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What has Supply Chain Valley achieved? And what is still to come? See the Supply Chain Valley timeline here.


Supply Chain Valley Foundation


Smart Logistics Centre Venlo and Supply Chain Valley have joined forces and will continue under the name ‘Supply Chain Valley Foundation’. From now on, the organisation is a Foundation, with a Supervisory Board (the group of founding members) and an Executive Board (created around the existing board of Smart Logistics Center Venlo). It is no longer purely about logistics, it is about the Supply Chain that connects logistics with the manufacturing industry and the agro-food sector. This enables the in-depth logistics knowledge to be shared with other parties. The regional focus is now in line with the 8 municipalities that work together in the ‘Healthiest Region’.

As the largest municipality, Venlo plays an important role in this. Internationalisation is facilitated through the affiliation with the Kreis Viersen district through the ‘WFG Kreis Viersen’ (Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Viersen). Supply Chain Valley is proud of its Innovation Hub. This green location, located at Greenport, in between the companies and funded by the business community, is where businesses, educational institutions, public bodies and the environment come together by collaborating on and in projects, workshops, training courses, conferences, webinars and knowledge sharing.


Supply Chain Valley 1.0


Venlo has a busy logistics landscape. Other joint ventures have been formed over the years, such as Trendsportal with mobility and logistics and Supply Chain Valley (an initiative of five companies along with the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, working together on projects). As is always the case, projects have a start, but also an end. And that’s the question: What’s next? We enjoyed this way of working together, but the ambitions were higher and, in this case too, insufficient implementation capacity was available to fulfil those ambitions.


Smart Logistics Centre Venlo


Under the direction of the LIOF, the regional development agency for Limburg, the logistics companies in Venlo-Venray joined forces to form the Smart Logistics Center Venlo. The official launch of SMART-Logistics Center Venlo took place in the summer of 2014. Over the years, around two hundred stakeholders have connected to SMART-LCV, consisting of businesses, government organisations and educational institutions. In 2014, there was a focus on the themes: closeness to customers and suppliers, the availability of workers and the cooperative configuration of administrators at local and provincial level, the availability of land and existing warehouses, the costs of real estate and quality and accessibility of the infrastructure, including economic networks. In later years, other themes were added, such as a shrinking labour market, sustainability and, in particular, CO2 reduction, the energy transition, modal shift, digitalisation, innovation and circularity. Ambition grew, but there was a lack of implementation capacity.