Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Supply Chain Valley addresses relevant themes based on a collaborative perspective. Not only in terms of economic development, but also in the areas of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Supply Chain Valley and sustainability

Companies that form part of Supply Chain Valley are made aware of the importance of embedding corporate responsibility in their organisations. The bar is set high for Supply Chain Valley Foundation, and the same therefore applies to the affiliated companies in the region. The board and the building blocks provide tool boxes, tips and tricks to help companies to achieve and facilitate this. Relevant scientific findings and innovations in relation to sustainability (but also in respect of the other themes) are shared with Supply Chain Valley. In the future, a ‘Knowledge Plaza’ will be set up in the Innovation Hub, where attention is drawn on a permanent basis to important themes. How far along are we in the development and the use of hydrogen? Can we achieve a modal shift from road to rail and water in order to reduce CO2 emissions?

Green location

The Innovation Hub is at the green location of Greenport, in the heart of Supply Chain Valley. This meeting place for businesses, knowledge institutions, public authorities and the environment was completed in March 2022. The building has been radically automated in terms of energy regulation. Solar panels provide energy and technology automatically determines the optimal temperature.