The ‘Sustainability’ building block champions sustainability within Supply Chain Valley. The energy generated in Supply Chain Valley should ideally be incorporated immediately in the process, and energy consumption must remain within limits. The building block gathers knowledge about sustainable business practices and also shares these to ensure (along with all involved parties) that Supply Chain Valley’s ecological footprint is as small as possible. Aligned and balanced with profitability. Profitable sustainable growth.

In cooperation with the other building blocks, the ambition is to make the region more attractive to young talent. The challenge is to increase the inflow into Supply Chain Valley and to expand the opportunities for further development. The region must be abundantly visible to these Young Professionals, offer a future-oriented perspective and it must be clear to them that Supply Chain Valley tackles interesting projects.

Quote Loek Berden, chairperson “Young Professionals”

“The dynamic and innovative Supply Chain within our region deserves a fresh image and must strongly appeal to Young Professionals, offering a future-oriented perspective.”