Region branding & marketing

The ‘Region Branding & Marketing’ building block is responsible for branding, marketing and maintaining the public relations of the ‘Supply Chain Valley’ brand. The building block calibrates the content with the various parts before publication and optimises the effect of Supply Chain Valley’s communication. To this end, cooperation is actively sought with other parties that benefit from the branding and positioning of the region around Supply Chain Valley. This includes the Province, Municipalities, the Ondernemend Venlo Association, ELC Limburg and LIOF, the regional development agency for Limburg. Knowledge and value sharing are also extremely important outside the region and internationally. 

Supply Chain Valley is the hotspot of logistics, and the supply chain of the agro-food sector and manufacturing industry. Conveying a clear message, both internally and externally, helps to strengthen Supply Chain Valley’s position. All parties within the Quattro Helix (businesses, public authorities, environment and education) benefit from unambiguous and clear communication. Information shared about developments at Supply Chain Valley must therefore be as uniform as possible. 

Quote Jasper Heesakkers, chairperson “Region branding & marketing” building block

“Together we will make Supply Chain Valley a very strong brand in the region!”