Labour Market & Human Capital

The ‘Labour Market & Human Capital’ building block connects knowledge institutions, companies and public authorities and is fully committed to retaining human capital for the region around Supply Chain Valley. The building block bridges the gap between businesses in the region and knowledge institutions and its aim is to retain more people for and attract more people into the logistics sector. Targeted collaboration with the public authorities and knowledge institutions is of huge importance in this regard.

In this building block, the focus is on collaboration and agenda-development of the ‘Quattro Helix’ (companies, public authorities, education and the environment) and its important values are strengthening the image of the logistics and agro-food sectors and the manufacturing industry, but also of the region around Supply Chain Valley. It shouldn’t only be an attractive place to work, but also to live and enjoy leisure activities. Experienced professionals within the sectors, but also students and workers from other sectors, should be encouraged to choose the logistics sector and the supply chain within the agro-food sector and manufacturing industry.

In collaboration with educational institutions and public authorities, bridges are built between the parties within the Quattro Helix to make the labour market in the region as attractive as possible, and to attract human capital to the region and keep these personnel in the region. Projects are organised at physical locations to bring together the ambitions of the participating parties. An example of this is: ‘Experience the logistics chain day’.

An important role for public authorities is to align the human capital agenda with the available resources, particularly with sufficient focus. The specific needs within the region should (and must) be examined more closely, enabling a more specific response to these. Improvement of the image of, and a greater influx into the logistics sector, and the supply chain within the agro-food sector and manufacturing industry can be achieved through collaboration and a targeted policy.

Quote Sjoerd Ewals, chairperson of the ‘Labour Market & Human Capital’ building block

“We want to fully convey the power and value of Supply Chain Valley in order to retain personnel and attract more human capital into the region.”