Innovation & Digitalisation

The ‘Innovation & Digitalisation’ building block seeks to increase the innovative strength of the businesses that form Supply Chain Valley. Under this building block, in collaboration and consultation with businesses, strategic, tactical and operational projects are defined and initiated. The focus is on increasing the innovative strength of businesses. This can done, for example, through training and workshops, optimisation and consolidation. But also through research.

Depending on the complexity of the projects, knowledge institutions can also join to make a contribution. If science gives rise to new relevant findings, the building block will share these innovations with companies in Supply Chain Valley. If there is sufficient capacity and if ‘proven’, innovations can be implemented across SUPPLY CHAIN VALLEY. These could be, for example, developments in sustainability, modal shift and infrastructure, but certainly also in the field of digitalisation.

Quote Joris Tenhage, chairperson “Innovation & Digitalisation”

“By collaborating on innovation, digitalisation and robotisation, we can turn Supply Chain Valley into a research centre in which we share results and knowledge within logistics, and the supply chain of the agro-food sector and manufacturing industry.”